Lease returns in White Plains

Lease returns can have plenty at stake. Emotions can run high and horror stories may be born. People have shunned car leasing as a financing model for their vehicle for eternity after one terribly negative experience during a lease return process. A lease return is a serious step despite what some lessees may think. Most people tend to consider a lease return to be a simple process of simply handing over the car you have been using for the past few years.
If you consider a lease return in a more practical sense, you are essentially returning a relatively expensive asset to its rightful owner after treating it and using it as your own for a considerable period of time. If this asset is in the hands of the wrong driver, the owner may face serious consequences. Alternatively, if the owner (the auto leasing company) is not easily forgiving, the borrower may face serious consequences. Car leasing agencies employ a number of policies and terms to ensure that customers utilize the leased vehicle responsibly so that the auto leasing agency retains as much value as they can when the vehicle is returned to them.
This can sometimes be inconvenient to customers as it may not allow customers to use their vehicles on their own terms. For instance, if a customer leases an SUV meant for frequent, lengthy journeys, a mileage cap may defeat the purpose of the lease as it would result in a heavy compensation during lease return after the customer has used the vehicle. At White Plains Car Leasing, we have incorporated policies that establish a healthy balance of providing our customers with enough room to enjoy what their vehicle can offer considerably without causing too much strain and exertion on the vehicle when it is returned to us. To find out more about how we handle lease returns, call us on 631-509-9888.

Getting the most out of your lease with White Plains Car Leasing

Our lease contracts are structured to minimize or even eliminate any dissatisfaction during the lease return phase. The first step we have taken to ensure this is to schedule vehicle inspections early. Most lessees are caught off guard when they are informed a few days prior to lease termination that they have to pay a relatively large fee. By looking into your vehicle in advance, we can warn you of any impending charges or inform you if there are any issues that have already taken place which will result in compensation. Secondly, we have taken steps to absorb most minor issues without holding our customers responsible. We understand that it is not reasonable to hold our lessees responsible for minute inconveniences at the end of a lease period. We also give our lessees a detailed tour on proper car care on lease signing depending on the type and brand of vehicle they are leasing.
By implementing the above steps, our customers exit their lease with a smile on their face and most of our lessees return to us in order to lease their new vehicle. Contact us on 631-509-9888 to find out more!

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