White Plains Car Leasing Support – FAQ

It can be difficult to wrap your head around a car leasing company that does not have a physical location. We are bombarded with multiple queries when inquirers and potential customers find out about our intriguing online leasing model. This guide was prepared to answer some of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis. If you are interested in working with us and want to learn more about our company, this page should give you a good idea to get you started. You can call us if you have any additional queries by dialing 631-509-9888.

Why don’t you have a physical car lot?

While it may seem like a no-brainer that an auto leasing service should have a car dealership, in reality, we found that having one is rather wasteful. In fact, by taking the car showroom out of the equation along with its hefty initial and ongoing costs, we were able to offer a much more value based service to our customers. When you work with White Plains Car Leasing, you will notice significant savings on your car lease whether it’s the overall auto lease that you sign up for or ongoing limitations such as mileage caps.
While we were nervous about the reception when we decided not to have a physical outlet, several happy customers later, we are confident that we made the right decision.

Is it possible to see one of your cars listed on your website?

It would be unreasonable to expect our customers to sign a contract that will affect their life significantly without giving them the option to tangibly experience it. If you are interested in a car and want to have a look, simply speak to one our auto leasing associates and we will be happy to arrange a test drive at a time of your convenience. You will also get plenty of time to inspect all aspects of your car. In fact, one of our car experts will accompany you while you evaluate your vehicle and offer advice and comparisons if you need further information. Of course, this is optional and if you’d rather decide based on your own knowledge and intuition, that’s fine with us too. Interestingly, while we expect all our customers to want a test drive prior to purchase, we get plenty of customers who simply sign up for a lease via our online platform without even a consultation phone call. If you are not too particular and rely on brand recognition and other aspects, this option is available to you as well.

How do I find out more?

Whatever your query might be, our contact hotline is our single multi-purpose source to find any answer you need. We offer free, comprehensive advice to choose your car, help with initiating your lease, assistance with securing car financing deals and more. Leasing a car with White Plains Car Leasing is significantly easier than any other company in White Plains. Call us on 631-509-9888 today!

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