Careers with White Plains Car Leasing

White Plains Car Leasing is looking for car enthusiasts who are interested in innovation and refinement. White Plains Car Leasing was built on these values and we are looking for people who have a similar mentality. Your role in the company will be one of a consultant. At White Plains Car Leasing, we do not employ sales people so if you are looking for a career as an ordinary car salesman, our job vacancy may not be for you. However, while we are not looking to hire sales people, if your purpose of being a car salesman is to make vehicles more accessible to people by giving them sound advice, you are certainly a candidate that we will be considering.
At White Plains Car Leasing, we have a number of unique aspects that sets us apart from our competition. Even if you have plenty of experience in the auto leasing industry, you will find that our business processes and principles are rather different. To find out more, you can read on or simply call us for a more interactive discussion. Contact us on 631-509-9888.

Online auto leasing

At White Plains Car Leasing, we do not have a physical car lot that caters to the end customer so you won’t be having direct interaction with potential customers right away. Your first communication will typically be via a phone call. While we have an office to run our operations, it is a back end and much of our customer interactions are carried out in a personalized manner where we visit our customer rather than burden them to come to us.
You will also have to familiarize yourself with our advanced online system that handles vehicle leases. The system has been built to be self-explanatory so it shouldn’t take you long to figure it out even if you are not the most computer literate person.
As you can tell, we do things a little differently at White Plains Car Leasing, if you are intrigued and want to find out more about our auto leasing company, you can read on to find out what your job role will comprise of.

Employee job responsibilities

At an ordinary car dealership, the responsibility is fairly simple. Your primary goal is to close the sale with your customer, everything else is secondary. At White Plains Car Leasing, while sales are important to the growth and sustenance of our service, we look to take care of all other aspects so that sales will fall in to place. Your primary goal is ensuring that our customer leases the right vehicle irrespective of price. You have the liberty of discouraging a customer of a particular vehicle model if you sense that it may not be the right fit (even though it may be a more expensive and thereby profitable sale). Of course, if the customer insists, you will have to oblige. Apart from assistance with car selection, you also have to help your customer with acquiring financing if required and following up periodically to ensure that all aspects of the lease are in order.
If this sounds like a career you are interested in pursuing, contact us today on 631-509-9888 for further information. We will be more than glad to answer any of your questions. Don’t forget to mail us your resume as well.

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