Smart Leasing in White Plains

Smart specializes in mini compact vehicles and focuses on being trendy and stylish rather than being an economical, low cost choice. This is also slightly indicated by the price that Smarts carry. Despite the mini size, the cars can cost as much as an entry level full sized sedan. Smart vehicles were built as a joint project between the Swatch watch company and the parent company of Mercedes Benz. Initial development of Smart began under Volkswagen after which the company later changed course. Smart has been successful in securing a market for itself. Smarts are ideal for the cramped New York streets and do exceptionally well on fuel as one might expect. A constant concern that our customers express is safety issues. While it may appear to be rather dainty and unable to protect the driver and passenger during a crash, Smarts have done exceptionally well in safety tests and are rated 4/5 stars based on American standards.
Smart offers a single model, the Fortwo, which is available in multiple trim levels. You can also opt for the electric version. Despite the fact that its models are primarily run on gas, you might assume that all Smarts are electric driven based on its size which resembles the typical design of all-electric vehicles. If you are interested in leasing a Smart, we have all the trim packages available and we’ll be glad to help you with the process. It is rather obvious that Smarts may not be suitable for everyone so to find out if a Smart is right for you, speak to one of our car experts on 631-509-9888.

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Exit your Smart lease early

You might have a number of reasons to get out of a car lease early. You may be moving to another country, you may be having financial constraints or you may dislike the car; no matter what the reason is, getting out of a lease early can be a complicated and for the most part, a costly process. With White Plains Car Leasing, we ensure that our customers don’t get out of their lease because they are dissatisfied simply because we ensure that our lessees are completely comfortable and happy with their decision to lease a particular car before moving forward. However, the other two reasons aforementioned and several other factors may result in a lessee requiring getting out of a lease early.
At White Plains Car Leasing, we have made multiple amendments to the typical leasing model so that customers can do this without too much resistance because of financial barriers or terms that prevent them from doing so. We give our customers full control and allow them to exit their lease if required, at a very reasonable price. We also give our customers the option of selling their leased car or transferring their lease and we offer to provide assistance if the lessee is unable to do so with their own resources.
By working with White Plains Car Leasing, you can ensure an anxiety-free experience on all aspects of your car lease. To find out more, call us on 631-509-9888.