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Mitsubishi is a part of one of Japan’s largest multi-national conglomerates and is involved in a number of industries. The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is their company offering automobiles. Mitsubishi’s powerful business acumen can be seen with the way Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has managed to break through in a tough industry over the years. Mitsubishi’s development first began about 100 years ago although the corporation was officially established less than half a century ago. Mitsubishi’s initial attempts failed as their hand made car turned out to be more expensive than competing car brands at the time. Ironically, today, Mitsubishi’s vehicles are among the best in terms of value for money.
Over the years Mitsubishi has forged a number of relationships with multi national brands in order to penetrate international markets. Mitsubishi’s products used to be initially rebadged and sold under the Dodge brand when Mitsubishi was part owned by Chrysler. Later on, Mitsubishi also had partnerships with companies such as Volvo and combine vehicle parts of different manufacturers to build some of their vehicle models. Today Mitsubishi’s primary market is international with a reasonable market share here in the United States as well.
If you are interested in a more exclusive choice of Japanese engineering that offers value for money, a Mitsubishi should serve you well. Their current models available in the United States are limited to two sedans, a compact car, two SUV options and an electric vehicle. The two sedans include the Lancer and Lancer Evolution, SUV options include the Outlander and Outlander Sport and there’s also the Mirage compact car and the I-MIEV electric car. It is important to note that visually, the two sedan options are similar. The same pattern is observed with their SUV choices. If you are looking in to a Mitsubishi auto lease, White Plains Car Leasing should be able to offer great value on your new car. To find out more about our car leasing deals, call us on 631-509-9888.

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