Mini Leasing in White Plains

Mini has gone through quite a bit of turmoil in the past. Despite the discontinuation of the original Mini brand, BMW has been able to successfully revive the iconic Mini brand and offer more versatile options for consumers. Today, Mini’s vehicles tend to be much larger than its predecessors and can serve the purpose of a full sized car. Minis today have considerable boot space and have enough space for large frame individuals to comfortably travel or drive in one. Mini has also experimented with new trends in the past with electric versions and more. With the growth of electric vehicles, the small car concept is growing and while Mini currently does not have an operational electric vehicle, Mini is certainly leading the pack when it comes to small cars.
Mini’s current models include the Hardtop 2 door, Hardtop 4 door, Countryman, Paceman, Cooper convertible, Cooper coupe and the Roadster model as well. Their Countryman model in particular sets the pace for Mini as a versatile all-purpose brand. The Countryman is a crossover and seats 4 people with quite a bit of space on the inside which is usually not a trait associated with the Mini brand. If you are interested in leasing a car and looking for a unique vehicle, a Mini should certainly be a manufacturer to consider. To learn more about Mini’s models, call us on 631-509-9888.

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Terminating your Mini car lease early

Having to get rid of your Mini early would assuredly be due to an unavoidable circumstance as most people tend to develop a strong attachment towards their Mini cars. If you are in a situation where you need to get out of your Mini lease, our car leasing experts can help. The usual procedure would be to pay a very heavy fine in order break your lease contract. Another option would be transferring your lease but considering the relatively smaller market that Mini holds, this might take some time to complete as finding a lease buyer is hit or miss. At White Plains Car Leasing, we undertake the responsibility of lease transfers so if you want to exit your lease early in the form of a lease transfer, one of our car leasing professionals will be working round the clock to secure a lease buyer in a relatively short period of time. This is also the mode that we recommend if you need to get out of your lease prematurely for any reason.
The simpler, straightforward option would be to pay the termination fee. While usually this may be an outrageous suggestion, at White Plains Car Leasing, our fee required for breaking your lease is much lower. While this may leave us in dire straits if we encounter a large number of early lease terminations, we have been able to avoid a high rate of lease cancellations by ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with their vehicle prior to signing a lease. Additionally, we are able to absorb the cost associated with our business model even if we do encounter a high amount of cancellations because of our low operating costs thanks to our web based platform.
To learn more about what else we can offer you with our unique car leasing company, call us on 631-509-9888.