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Jeep vehicles have a rather unique history behind them. Jeeps were developed specifically for use during world-war II and were born during the Second World War in 1941. At the time, Jeep was the first special utility off-road vehicle and was used extensively for military purposes. After the end of the war, the first jeeps were produced targeted at everyday consumers inspiring a number of other brands later on. Jeep is the pioneer of the niche and has been associated with off-roading and four wheel drive so much so that the Jeep brand is now a noun used to refer to vehicles that resemble one. It is not uncommon for individuals to look at SUVs from other brands and refer to them as “Jeeps”. Today, jeep is still one of the most sought after off-road brands although their lineup has now been built to be functional for comfortable on-road use with the capability of off-road driving if required.
Jeep currently offers 7 models that have a significant price difference to each other and cater to different markets. Its Wrangler model is perhaps its flagship model retaining the rugged appearance that these vehicles used to have back in the day and is one of the only vehicles today capable of extreme off-roading. Jeep’s full lineup comprises of the Cherokee SUV, Compass SUV, Grand Cherokee SRT SUV, Grand Cherokee SUV, Patriot SUV, Renegade SUV and Wrangler SUV.
Today, a number of Jeep’s SUV models are considered to offer significant value with a nominal price and great fuel efficiency. Models like the Compass, Patriot and Renegade are good examples of SUVs that fit this description. If you want to experience the “original” off-road brand, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you set up your auto lease. Call us on 631-509-9888.

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The Jeep lineup caters to a broad audience but even so adequate research is necessary to determine the most suitable model based on your needs. While Jeep is certainly a pioneer in the field, following the success of the Jeep brand after the Second World War, several brands (such as Land Rover) were born to give Jeep a run for their money. Today, there are plenty of brands that match up to what Jeep has to offer giving consumers a much broader choice.
If you are unsure about which Jeep model to buy, our car leasing professionals have studied all Jeep models in detail. They also have a broad knowledge across the entire SUV and off-road niche markets and can assess your requirement and suggest the best option. Upon review by one of our car experts, we advise you to test our judgment and if you are comfortable with the choice, you can go ahead. Our auto leasing experts are not sales people and will not look to persuade you to purchase a model to simply close a sale.
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