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Jaguar is one of the most prestigious brands in the automotive industry. After starting its operations in the United Kingdom, Jaguar quickly gained traction and brand reputation as a high end sports car. During its initial years, it successfully produced a sports car that was the fastest produced at the time. This set the pace of Jaguar as a top end sports car brand and the company has maintained this recognition ever since. Jaguar has changed hands a couple of times and the influence over the respective owners at the time is evident looking at Jaguar’s past models. During Jaguar’s period under Ford for instance, there was a noticeable change in Jaguar’s vehicles suggesting heavier financing. Today, under the ownership of Indian Tata Motors, Jaguar seems to have returned to its roots, combining British elegance with the latest sporting technology.
White Plains Car Leasing offers all the latest models from Jaguar’s limited line-up of options. Jaguar’s sedan options include the XE, XF and XJ while Jaguar offers the XK and F-TYPE as a convertible and coupe. Jaguar is also working on its first SUV, the F-PACE which will also be available for lease at White Plains Car Leasing. If you want to enjoy British engineering at its finest or an authentic sports car experience, Jaguar should be able to fulfill these needs quite comprehensively. To learn more about the above models or to find out more information about our service, call us on 631-509-9888.

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If you decide to lease your Jaguar with White Plains Car Leasing, you will be quite happy to know that you will be paying the lowest price for your Jaguar model in the city. As far as having the lowest auto leasing rates, White Plains Car Leasing takes the cake uncontested. We have managed to achieve a very low price point for all our car leases because of our decision to operate our car dealership online. We have no physical location in White Plains. While we have made this sacrifice, it does not affect the overall level of service that we offer to our customers over a traditional car dealership. Physical inspections can still be arranged on demand. Simply give us a call and let us know if you’d like to test out a particular model, and we will make arrangements to promptly do so.
Apart from low rates, we give our customers the liberty of altering the payment structure and schedule of their lease according to their personal preferences and state of cash flow. While this affects our company’s cash flow, with our low overheads, we are able to do so without having to make any compromises on service.

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The benefit of an online dealership spreads well beyond offering low rates. We bring an array of advantages to our customers that no other car leasing company in the United States can offer. We have significantly lowered early lease termination rates, increased average mileage limits and more. For more details, contact us on 631-509-9888.