Buick Leasing in White Plains

Buick experienced its highest sales ever recorded last year. This is enough to communicate how well the brand is doing. Buick is part of America’s General Motors and acts as a bridge between the company’s popular mass market Chevrolet and luxury Cadillac brand. Some people argue that Buick’s popularity is attributed to the large percentage of baby boomers which tends to be Buick’s primary segment but further analysis in to the market suggests that Buick is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations as well. This is partly due to their refined, modernized designs that come with models like the Lacrosse.
Buick’s selection of vehicles are not expansive and don’t match Buick’s other brands. Currently, Buick offers 5 vehicle models that fall in to the semi-luxury market. The 5 models include three sedans and two SUVs. Their sedans lie in between the $20,000 to $35,000 range. The models are namely; the Verano, Regal and Lacrosse. Despite the Lacrosse being on the higher end of the sedan price spectrum, it does considerably better on fuel. Their SUV options include the Encore and Enclave. The Encore is more of a compact crossover while the Enclave is quite large. White Plains Car Leasing offers auto leasing deals for all this models and will also feature the Cascada convertible scheduled to be released next year.
Despite Buick’s smaller market share, we receive plenty of interest and have signed a number of leases for the brand indicating that the manufacturer’s popularity is without a doubt on an upward trend. To learn more about what Buick has to offer, call our sales personnel on 631-509-9888.

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Exiting your Buick lease early

While Buick owners grow to love their cars over time, sometimes you might have an urgency to get out of your Buick car lease early. The auto leasing industry generally doesn’t support breaking of a lease contract unless you are willing to compensate the lease termination financially with a hefty sum or manage to find someone willing to undertake the remainder of your lease. While the second option is hit or miss even if it is possible, some auto leasing companies do not permit lessees to transfer a lease due to the potential risk to the car leasing service associated with transference of a lease to a new party.
At White Plains Car Leasing, we have a much more beneficial system in place for handling early lease terminations. While a lessee expressing interest to get out of a lease early is not an exciting prospect, we want to offer the option without imposing any ruthless penalties. Our fee for early termination is very reasonable and should be an option that most people could easily consider if required. Alternatively, we promote and recommend a lease transfer and while it may be difficult to partake in the process as a lessee, with our full support, you should be able to transfer your lease to another party quite easily. In addition to benefitting our company and the assuming lessee, it would also a mean a lower monetary compensation on your part.
If you would like to learn more about Buick auto leasing with White Plains Car Leasing, speak to us on 631-509-9888.