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While auto leasing is frequently considered a form of vehicle financing, in reality, auto leasing is simply a different mode of owning a vehicle. A car lease is virtually a vehicle rent. It may be comparable to financing on some level as you can eventually own the vehicle. At the end of your leasing period, you can pay the residual price of the car and you will own the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle and the car leasing company’s rates, this may or may not be worth the price. One way that auto leasing strongly differs from vehicle renting is that you pay for your vehicle based on depreciation of the car. If an expensive car depreciates at a low rate, you might get a better leasing contract deal for this particular car than a cheaper alternative that tends to lose value faster over time. While in simple terms, it is a more manageable means of owning a vehicle, if you consider car leasing from a strictly financial perspective, a lot needs to be considered before signing a lease.
Car leasing can be hugely beneficial depending on your financial status and car you are interested in. To learn more about the merits of car leasing deals, call us on 631-509-9888. If you want a brief overview on the specifics of auto leasing, this article may help you understand the gist of what auto leasing entails.

Paying for your lease

As car leases are short term, you get to enjoy your favorite vehicle at a much lower rate than you would have to pay if you buy or loan the vehicle. While some consider not having ownership or any equity in the vehicle to be a negative factor, in reality it’s quite the opposite. As you are paying for just the depreciation of the vehicle, you get to drive the car without having to worry about the value of the vehicle while being liable to the same amount of money that you would have to pay in the form of depreciation if you were to buy the vehicle.
At White Plains Car Leasing, we have implemented a minimalistic business model in order to make our auto leasing deals even more affordable. This makes leasing a no-brainer as some people tend to oppose the idea of leasing merely because of the additional costs you pay in fees which are required for the respective auto leasing company to operate and profit. With White Plains Car Leasing, these costs are minimal. Auto leasing is contract based so once you sign a lease you are responsible to make payments until the lease period ends. If you are unable to commit to a lease, a car leasing deal may usually not be the best option for you. With White Plains Car Leasing however, you can simply terminate your lease without having to pay excess fees in compensation.

Stay updated

Due to the short term nature of your lease, you get to trade your vehicle every few years for a brand new model or even a different brand keeping you on top of the latest trends and technology. For more information, contact us on 631-509-9888.

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